Pre-wedding Photography

Pre-wedding photography and portfolio shooting usually brought up as associate engagement shoot, and  that many times takes place 3 to 6 months before the marriage day. An engagement shoot can actually help you in a few different ways.  First, it helps you build a good rapport with your photographer, especially if you’re hiring the same one to document your wedding day. You will feel more comfortable with your photographer and also get to know his or her shooting style.

For your photographer, it’s also the time to get to know more about you as a couple; your characters, how affectionate you are with each other, how formal or casual your styles are. This way, they can create suitable settings that will flatter the both of you during your Pre-wedding shoot and wedding day. And Pre-wedding photography price is included many time in the whole wedding packages. 

Strengthen Your Bond With Your Better Half With A Romantic Pre-wedding Shoot


A pre-wedding photography is an engagement shoot which usually takes place three to six weeks prior to the date of the wedding. This ritual can prove to be beneficial in a number of ways. For instance, it helps to build a good rapport with your photographer and makes it easy to decide if you want to hire the same photographer on the day of the wedding ceremony. Once you avail our service, you will know that there is no turning back. You will be so impressed by the quality of our service that you will be bound to hire the service of the best photo studio in Surat, i.e., us. A pre-wedding shoot also helps us to understand the couple and their characters better and plan the shoot accordingly. We make sure that each and every picture captured by us is able to tell the story and convey the warmth and emotion of the bond between the couple. Our ideas are so varied that you will have a hard time choosing which one you want to choose for yourself. Are you ready to get all glamourous with your significant one? Book an appointment with us at the earliest.